About Samantha McDanel

Samantha McDanel is an accomplished Texas-based filmmaker from the surrounding areas of Dallas, Texas and now resides in Austin, Texas. 


A "Jill of all trades," Samantha has produced and directed high-concept short films, worked as a camera operator and editor for commercial work and reality tv, and is well-known for her beauty and SFX makeup work in film and photo among the North Texas and ATX community. She has held various roles in film and video production on short and feature projects.

Now, she aims to work more within producing on large-scale feature films to further her growth and learning in the film industry as she continues to develop her own projects.

Over the years, Samantha has broken ground on the DFW film scene with a successful festival run with her previous high-concept short film ‘Pageant Perfect’, a film that has traveled all across Texas and the United States for screenings and festivals and won several awards, including an Up & Coming Filmmaker Award.

Samantha is a Radio/Television/Film graduate from the University of North Texas, where she focused on writing, directing, and editing.


While continuing on-going development for the feature script of 'Pageant Perfect', Samantha has been working on numerous projects in diverse roles and taken more courses and workshops to hone her skills.

She is always looking for ways to grow as a filmmaker and artist, finding all the ways to express herself and her mind.

Drawing and writing poetry is another outlet for her in her journey of staying open and vulnerable as an artist.

Samantha focuses on stories that reflect relationships and dynamics between people. She has a talent for taking real events and mixing that within dream-like worlds, where naturalism and surrealism meet. She challenges and prides herself on creating scenes and stories that make her audience think and feel and react. Just one reaction is all she needs to feel like she has done her job as a storyteller.

Samantha's ultimate goals are:

1. to become a well-established woman filmmaker in the film industry

2. to own and operate a film production company,

making short and feature films and creating workshops for young filmmakers

3. to explore story-telling through different perspectives and help audience members open up within themselves


Portraits captured by Kaitlyn Kilpatrick

Projects in Progress

Writer/Director: SpeedRacer, short film apart of the SpeedRacer EP, story by Donovan Bogney (pre-production)

Writer/DirectorVeil,  short film  (pre-production)

Writer/Director: Pageant Perfect, feature film (script development)

Writer/Director/Lead: twenty-something, feature film (script development)

Writer/Director: Tweezers, short film, part of Conversations I Never Had series (post-production)

Writer/Director: Girls Your Age, short film apart of multi-media story concept by Brennan Pierce (post-production)

Producer, Creative ProducerHide and Seek, long-form art short film, dir. Miranda Yung (distribution)

Producer, SFX Makeup: Sl/ash!, short film, dir. Eric Dumois (post-production)

Producer/Creative Producer: Neighborhood Watch, short film, dir. Shayan Sakhavi (post-production)